WAIR Essential + 12 Filters Subscription

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Do you want to wear your WAIR everyday? Get to the point ? Save on your filters and no longer worry about buying back? This offer is for you !

With its patented mask and a subscription of 12 filters regularly delivered automatically to you, you will be protected efficiently and with style.

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WAIR products are recommended for cycling, motorcycling, scooter, jogging but also for people with allergies or with respiratory weaknesses.

Patented Ultra Hermetic morphological structure in hypoallergenic silicone

Resistant and non-invasive straps



Microperforated textile, adapted to the effort and antiperspirant

Special sports built-in exhalation valve

Washable, highly breathable recycled polyester neck warmer

Anti-nanoparticles> 0.1 micron

Anti-bacteria, anti-pollen, dust


Anti-fog on glasses


Our commitments to quality and efficiency:

Its effectiveness has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory. It is the result of the combination of its unique filters and its patented revolutionary morphological structure. In fact, WAIR products correspond to an FMP1 level and comply with the requirements of European standards EN1827 and EN13274-7.

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