Yearly Subscription 12 Filters

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You are a frequent WAIR user? This offer is for you.

With a WAIR filters yearly subscription, receive 6 filters when you order and the last 6 will be automatically shipped to your home after a few month to avoit their expiry ;)

Pay just one time, for the whole year. 

Your filter needs to be changed every month. By subscribing to a WAIR yearly subscribtion, you save 20,60€ every year.

Filters subscription delivered automatically in 2 times !

Efficient anti-pollution masks are thanks to a good sealing and a good filter !

Sealing is ensured by the structure and the morphological edge we have developed and patended. The filtration is ensured by the filters.

WAIR Filters are made of active carbon and polypropylene, which are active materials. The physical properties of each component of the filter ables to filter the tiniest particles that you can find in the air pollution, like PM10, PM2,5 up to PM0,1.

Particles with bigger diameter, like dust or pollen, are also stopped.

The WAIR filters stop 92% minimum of the air pollution, and are very breathable, to make sure it is confortable to wear while riding a bike.

The active materials efficiency decreases after a month. This is why we want you to change them every month, to keep the high efficiency promised. If you wear it, or not.

If you store your filter, and as long as you have not opened the hermetic bag, you can keep the filter as long as mentioned on the pack (2 years).

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The WAIR necktube, will protect you efficiently against pollution. This anti-pollution mask is made in France, with an eco friendly process,...

Reviews about this product

Based on 4 reviews

  • Catherine T.
    Published 25/12/2018 à 01:14 (Order date: 10/12/2018)

    Commande 12, reçu que 6?????

  • Sébastien C.
    Published 08/12/2018 à 22:55 (Order date: 27/07/2018)

    Très bien, même si le 1er lot est arrivé avec un peu de retard

  • Julien M.
    Published 08/10/2018 à 10:21 (Order date: 26/09/2018)

    Je n'ai reçu que la moitier du produit commandé.

  • Martine H.
    Published 09/09/2018 à 22:19 (Order date: 30/08/2018)

    le produit n'est pas pour moi s'agissant d'un renouvellement, je pense que l'utilisateur est satisfait

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