How does it work ?

A patented morphological structure for maximum sealing

Efficient filtration for the tiniest particles (PM2,5, PM0,1)

A real lifestyle accessory

An anti-pollution mask filtration efficiency varies according to two factors : Sealing and filter characteristics. Thanks to our special structure and a silicone edge, our mask fits all faces, and guarantees a perfect sealing, so all the air you breathe goes through the filter. The WAIR filters are made of different layers that protect you from gas emissions, allergens, bacteria and the tiniest particles like PM0,1. We developed them with filtration and air quality experts to make sure we match the highest filtration expectations.

At WAIR, we spent time working on these two aspects, to offer you a true protection. Our structure is patented, and our filters are certified by APAVE (the only organization able to certify a respiratory protection in France), so we can assert that we provide one of the best protections on the market.

contour morphologique et la structure

Morphological structure

We created a special structure with a morphological silicone sealing. It enables a perfect airtightness on the user's face, and therefore, a real efficiency because all the air you breathe goes through the filter.

This innovative structure is patented, available in a single size, and fits all faces, as well as those who wear glasses.


We created our own filter, made of several layers, that stops gas emissions, allergens, bacteria, and the tiniest particles up to PM0,1. The WAIR filters offer you the best protection on a professional filtration level, and are made for an urban and mobile use. To keep this high efficiency, you have to change your filter every month, whether you used it or not, because as long as the filter is in contact with the air, it keeps working.


The app

Discover SUPAIRMAN by WAIR, your best friend in town to ride safely, away from pollution !

Download our free app to know the air quality around you in real time, and when to wear your WAIR !

A lifestyle accessory

The WAIR anti-pollution masks are real daily apparel accessories !

We wanted to integrate our protection in a lifestyle accessory, available in different colors or prints, so you can match them with your own style, every day. They are really comfy, light, in ORGANIC cotton, and made in France !

accessoire de mode


Get yourself a professional level protection into a lifestyle accessory, specially made for the city dweller. It's perfect for your bike or motorbike rides.

Anti-Pollution Masks | Scarves

Protect your style and your lungs everyday with this stylish anti-pollution mask like a fashionista.