Our commitment

WAIR is committed in a social and environmental process. Innovating is good, but including the human factor as our priority in the process is much better. We have chosen to create a Made in France anti-pollution mask, because innovating responsibly is one of our priorities. We undertake to favor partners who share the same values as we do. Our textiles are all eco-certified with GOTS or OEKO-TEX, or both at the same time.

WAIR also makes a commitment on quality. We have a patented, tested and approved product, to match all the standards and expectations relative to professional filtration. It is true WAIR doesn't reduce pollution, but we can definitely protect you from it, and in the most efficient way possible. All this without adding to the pollution we are trying to protect you from.

And finally, our anti-pollution masks are assembled and sent from an ESAT around Lyon. What is an ESAT? It is an institution that employs disabled or mentally retarded people, to help them with integration. It is a good way to keep our production in France and at the same time help people in need.

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