Download SUPAIRMAN by WAIR for free, and discover the pollution index in real time !

Air pollution is a threat, but unfortunately most of the time it is invisible. Today, the access to air quality information, and especially its analysis, is very complex. This is why we offer you this air pollution real time mapping tool, for free. Knowing the air quality around you has never been so simple. Just check SUPAIRMAN by WAIR, and you will know the air quality index around you, in real time, regarding your geolocation. SUPAIRMAN will tell you precise information about the air pollutants, and will tell you if you have to wear your WAIR or not.

The closer the index is to 100 (and green on the map), the cleaner the air is. The closer the index is to 0 (and red on the map), the more polluted the air is. Pollen and allergic substances will also be indicated. No excuses to not be informed before having a ride in the city!

An application that effectively accompanies your WAIR anti-pollution mask !

Application d'information sur la qualité de l'air

Real time pollution mapping

High pollution level alerts

Indication of pollen presence

Precise information about pollutants

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