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For several months now, the civil society has been mobilizing more than ever to call for greater climate justice and especially for concrete and effective actions to fight against pollution and in particular air pollution. But some unfairly criticize anti-pollution masks and their manufacturers, wrongly according to our founder Caroline Van Renterghem.

From the petition, to the campaign, to the "Marche des Cobayes" walk, the actions of the green french party (EELV), Greenpeace, cycling associations such as FUB, La Ville à Vélo, by the citznes who are fighting for a more breathable,environment like our friends Coll'Air Pur and of course the association Respire for which we encourage all our customers to join ... and of course The Case of the Century "L'Affaire du Siècle" that we encouraged you to sign and who now exceeds 2 million signatories ... WAIR has joined a great many initiatives in favor of air quality.

We were obviously present at the march of January 27th alongside all these actors and all you citizens, urban, cyclists and other inhabitants of our planet.

We regret, however, that some of these claims are directed against anti-pollution masks. If our solutions can be qualified as "palliative", we wish to affirm that they offer an immediate and effective protection for any urban victim of this air pollution.

Selling anti-pollution masks does not prevent us from fighting daily for a more breathable air. And if we have a vocation to exist, to create value on the sale of these protections, this does not prevent us from doing it in the most responsible way possible.

WAIR is made in France and even in Rhône-Alpes, WAIR is composed of ecological or recycled materials and all hypoallergenic. The only component coming from abroad is shipped by boat to further reduce our environmental impact. WAIR is made, stored in a protected workshop (ESAT) employing people with disabilities, still in Rhône-Alpes.

We want to have a consistent approach, we protect you from pollution, it is unthinkable that we contribute more than reasonably ! Of course, the impact 0 is unattainable, even for the most virtuous citizen or company. But we tend to it.

WAIR is very careful to offer affordable prices, unlike many of our competitors and this by sacrificing nothing on quality but reducing our margins. This is because we think that BREATHING HEALTHY AIR MUST NOT BE LUXURY. Air pollution affecting 92% of the world's population, and therefore almost all the urban population in the world, we want everyone to have access to effective protection for a reasonable price.

So today we want to say that:

- YES, governments must act to drastically reduce pollution levels in our territories, and we will continue to campaign for this.


- NO we must not demonize the anti-pollution masks and their manufacturers and put them all in the same basket. The anti-pollution masks, in addition to providing really effective and immediate protection, have the power to MAKE VISIBLE AN INVISIBLE PROBLEM.

However, we must be careful because they are not all equal. For those who meet the European standards in force, they effectively and immediately protect against air pollution and can therefore reduce the harmful effects of the latter on health.

They are not a solution to the interruption of the increase of air pollution but a solution of protection.

To wear an anti-pollution mask is a militant act but also a good means to protect your health. 

Wisely yours, for a cleaner world.

Caroline Van Renterghem, Founder & CEO of AWAIRNESS - WAIR


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