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The return of good weather is the moment when we all want to bring out our bikes, motorcycles, scooters, scooters, roller skates ... but it is also the return of pollution and heat. To help you understand where this phenomenon comes from, WAIR conducted the survey.

How it works ?

Involved: heat, road traffic, industrial activities and lack of wind. The air is charged with fine particles that stagnate in the absence of wind, which themselves cause a rise in temperature. It is a vicious circle, standards are exceeded and once a certain threshold is reached, it becomes very difficult to backtrack.

We recommend this article from Air & Me to take stock of ozone and pollution: https://www.airandme.fr/blog/analysis-and-purification-of-air/heat-and-pollution-a-cocktail -explosive

What measures does the State take?

Reduced speed on the roads, free transport in the big cities, free residential parking ... The government informs without taking any real action. The mayor of Paris has also expressed his indignation: Christophe Najdovski, in charge of transport at the mayor of Paris has openly criticized the police headquarters by stating that "the inaction of the state is totally unacceptable". According to him, the measures are not up to the public health challenge, and we will tend to agree with him.

> Find the article of France TV here: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/meteo/particules-fines/pic-de-pollution-des-messets-qui-ne-sont-pas-at-the-height- s-alarm-the-town-of-paris_3202385.html

What effects on health?

In France, every year, pollution causes more than 48,000 premature deaths. The one we are exposed to every day is more dangerous to health than a woodpecker. Specifically, the effects observed on health are headaches, breathing difficulties, allergies, asthma, heart disorders, hypertension ... The effects vary according to the state of each and the dose inhaled but anyway, it's clearly disturbing and bad for our health.

Should we change his behavior?

The aim is to avoid aggravating the effects of pollution. For this, several habits to take: use clean modes of transport or public transport, reduce its use of heating, reduce the use of chemicals, do not smoke indoors (even open windows), ventilate his home to background or put off your long-term sports activities unless you can wear an anti-pollution mask! The government also asks to be "vigilant" or to adopt "specific actions vis-à-vis vulnerable and sensitive people" ... without giving more information on this subject.

> Find all the actions to adopt here: https://twitter.com/Prefet83/status/1099967393483370497

On our side, we can only advise you to protect yourself because during this type of peak, the use of anti-pollution mask such as WAIR is more than recommended. Patented, manufactured in France and equipped with a fine particle filter with high performance and proven efficiency, WAIR is made for all of you.

But an important reminder however, we can never say it enough, your anti-pollution mask will have a real beneficial impact on your breathing comfort especially if it is worn regularly, or even better, daily, peak of pollution or not!


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