How to improve air quality in the every day life

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Improve air quality while protecting against pollution? It's possible, and it's all about behavior.  

It is often said that at our small level, the direct impact of our daily actions on air quality will be minimal. Well, if we all start thinking like that, in 10 years our children will go to school with a gas mask. It's time to take the good habits that, in the long run, will make the difference. 

The association "Sucy environment and transition", from the municipality of Sucy-en-Brie, has set up a charter of air quality available to its inhabitants to inform them about alternative methids and to propose concrete solutions to improve daily Air quality. This charter proposes practical commitments in mobility, heating and consumption in general. Tips and tricks easily applicable by everyone day by day !  

A better mobility

- I do not use a diesel vehicle.  

- I prefer active modes of travel: walking, cycling, scooter when possible. I use public transport as much as possible for my trips. 

- I am reducing the use of my car for ride shorter than 4 km, including driving my children to school and their activities.  

- I limit my use of the airplane, especially on short distances. 

Small trips ? Walk ! Go to the office ? Bike ! You understand that cars are not welcome in a responsible behavior approach. Nevertheless, it is often necessary for many of us. So let's at least try to reduce its use on small trips. And if you ever plan to take the car for the weekend or the holidays, think about carpooling ! 

Better heating

- I no longer use my open fireplace but I install a closed insert or, better, a high efficiency stove (label "green flame"). 

- I change my individual heating mode to fuel for a high efficiency heating or gas heating.  

- I reduce caloric losses by insulating my home in the following order: roof, walls, windows. If co-ownership, I vote in general meeting of my residence for an improvement of the mode of heating and insulation. 

Wood heating is the second major cause of increased pollution after car traffic. According to Airparif, the organization that measures pollution in Ile-de-France, wood heating contributes to more than 40% of particle emissions in winter and largely favors pollution peaks. An environmentally friendly heating solution can really make a difference. 

Consume responsibly

- I buy seasonal food by focusing on local products. 

- I buy to the extent of my means organic food because their production respects the environment. I favor AMAP and short circuits.  

- I eat less meat, which is energy intensive and generates greenhouse gases. 

- For each of my needs, I prioritize local exchange systems for goods or services. 

- I buy manufactured products from recycling and I favor local manufacturing.  

- I only buy what I need: objects or food.  

- I limit my waste generating pollution. 

In short : going to the local market, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables in season or limiting its consumption of meat are gestures easily applicable to our everyday life to give a hand to our planet. And to don’t forget our good resolutions, print the charter par ici  and stick it on your fridge ! 

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