FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 ? Toute lsur les masques anti-pollution !

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What is air pollution ?

Air pollution has different origins: transport, buildings, waste, industry, agriculture, energy production, but it can also have a natural origin. The different pollutants can be
- Pollen
Fine and ultra-fine particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM0.1)
- Gases (nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide ...)
- Molds
- Bacteria
- Odors and many more.
The WAIR One redesigned anti-pollution mask protects users of these pollutants up to PM0.1, which are fine particles.

Different types of anti-pollution masks

Most of our competitors choose the half-mask, which has a larger size on the face but a larger filtration area.
Examples of quarter masks and half masks :


Different models of mask quarters


P1, P2, P3, what differences ?

We talk about FFP for disposable masks and FMP for reusable masks. Levels P1, P2 and P3 for these two categories correspond to the same requirements. Levels vary depending on the Total Inward Leakage Rate (FTI) and the Penetration rate of the media-filter. This means the % of particles not being retained by the device.

The norms require the following results :


IMPORTANT: The mention "FFP3 +" is a pure marketing invention!

Only a mask with a perfectly sealing structure and an extra fine filter (hardly breathable) can reach level P3. Only disposable masks for professionals offer P3 because the breathing is difficult and you have to change the mask every day. The level of filtration is such that it would be very uncomfortable everyday to reuse, especially during an effort (see bike).
Having a P3 mask means that the breathing effort is going to be very important. Thus, in case a leak in the face, the non-sealed anti-pollution mask represents a danger. Indeed, the user will breathe harder, which will promote the entry of fine particles.

WAIR corresponds to a level FMP1, almost FMP2.

The P1 level guarantees a very high level of filtration efficiency while maintaining a good breathing comfort.
Thanks to the WAIR anti-pollution masks, 99% of the air that is breathed in is filtered, of which 90.2% up to the PM 0.1. WAIR therefore allows its users to still make a physical effort while providing them with a very high protection. While P2 and P3 levels will not allow the user to breathe properly during exercise. Respiratory resistance being too high for level P2 and P3, the user will have the sensation of suffocation during the effort, even moderate.



The WAIR product has been designed in close collaboration with specialists in air pollution. They validated the technical choices of the WAIR configuration to meet the requirements of the anti-pollution masks regulation.

The WAIR has a quarter-mask format that is much more compact than the half-mask version. It guarantees equivalent performance to products in half-mask format.

The WAIR product incorporates a textile part that makes the product more elegant on the face, and therefore more discreet, the products currently on the market having an aggressive and unattractive look.

The WAIR One combines the best filtration techniques with elegance, a first in the field of respiratory protection for civilians.


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