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The expert word - Daniel piperno, Pneumologist doctor. 

Dr. Piperno is a pneumonologist from Lyon, specializing in respiratory allergies. He worked in collaboration with WAIR to establish our future users needs, in terms of filtration, especially for people with allergies. He answered to few questions about the links between chronic respiratory diseases and the degradation of air quality. 

Hello Dr. Piperno, are your patients more sensitive to air pollution than someone who has no respiratory problems?

Yes they are almost all, because when someone has a chronic respiratory disease, the problem is that he has a mucosa particularly sensitive to the external environment. So, of course, if there are pollution peaks, they will immediately feel an irritation of their bronchi and it will very often be a source of aggravation of the symptoms. 

What are the consequences of the pollution that you regularly observe on your patients?

So, there are two important phenomena. First, it is the fact that when one is subject to asthma for example and that one makes a physical effort in a polluted environment, one hyperventilates. So we have a lot of air going through the lungs and the pollution will aggravate the irritation of the bronchi and may trigger new asthma attacks thereafter. Many asthmatics are extremely embarrassed during peak pollution. Then, when there are other chronic diseases of the lungs, pollution is also a source of bronchial irritation, which will mainly aggravate the shortness of breath and discomfort felt by patients. 

In addition, long-term exposure to pollution can trigger chronic respiratory disease in healthy people. But it must be weighed down by the fact that smoking remains an even greater pollution for the lungs. 

How do you think WAIR can be helpful to the health of your patients?

So if you have a mask and filter that can breathe out avoiding all these over-exposure to pollution, of course it will improve things for my patients. We will probably see a decrease in bronchial irritation, fewer asthma attacks for patients who are subject to it and this will greatly increase the comfort of patients. 

In addition, if we filter the pollution particles we will also filter the pollen. So for all allergic patients one can also hope for an improvement of the comfort of life. Respiratory and nasal manifestations, the filtering of pollens will allow to be able to make physical effort without being hindered by pollution or pollen.  

As you can see it is extremely important to protect yourself from pollution, whether you are sensitive or not! The consequences are real and doctors see it every day. So when we know that we will be exposed to pollution we forget the protection reflex ! If you ever want to know more about pollution protection I invite you to read our blog article about it ! 


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