Associations militantes pour la qualité de l'air

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1 - The Federation of Chartered Associations for Air Quality Monitoring (AASQA)

AASQA are French organizations that study and measure atmospheric pollution at the ambient air level. The Ministry of Ecology has accredited these organizations to formally communicate their results. This Federation brings together the different regions of France. Each association within a region acts on the quality of the air by :
- measuring
- studying
- communicating
around the quality of the air.

There is at least one AASQA per French administrative region. They are grouped within the Atmo federation. We can quote :
- Atmo Bourgogne
Atmo Rhônes-Alpes
- AirParif (Ile-de-France)




Respire, the National Association for Preservation and Improvement of Air Quality founded in 2011.
It comes from the will of people who are incredulous in the face of the absurdity of the situation. A situation that has been known for a long time: the pollution of the air, and the sense of duty they feel to take part in the preservation of the environment.


Respire accompanied by Ecologie Sans Frontière (ESF) organizes a common complaint against the French State, aimed at compensating the victims of air pollution. They used a law firm. You can commit to their side and support them by donating to CitizenCase. You can find more information about Respire on our site. Indeed, we are currently working with this association to carry out projects against air pollution.

3 - Ecologie Sans Frontière (ESF) :


The ESF specializes in ecological lobbying. She has been the NGO initiator of the Grenelle de l’environnement. It brings together citizens advocates of Life on Earth wishing to work for the protection of the environment. ESF focuses on:

–participation in various governing organizations and forums
– legal creation
– litigation.

4 - Strasbourg Respire


Strasbourg Respire, a group acting as a whistleblower on the health risks of air pollution. This group is composed of citizens from all professional backgrounds, including doctors. Anyone can join this collective. Strasbourg respire was created in March 2014 following a major episode of air pollution, having lasted more than a week. They decided to act together. The goal of this collective is to become an association in the long term. You can join the movement!




INSPIRE is an association working for a better air quality in the Mont-Blanc region and for the protection of the environment, health and climate. It organizes regular actions so that the requests of the citizens are noticed by our authorities. Important public awareness work is also being done. The famous Arve Valley is in the same region where INSPIRE operates. That's why they are so numerous to mobilize. Indeed, this alpine valley is known to be one of the most polluted places in France. There are 85 deaths per year, for a population of 155,000 permanent inhabitants ! 

6 - Réseau Air 74


This network, created in 2013, allows associations and collectives that are members to coordinate and organize mobilizations or common approaches to obtain the improvement of air quality in Haute-Savoie.
The "Réseau Air 74" allows you to :
-- Disseminate information between different actors
- Share and compare points of view to enrich the positions taken
- Strengthen the mobilization by involving many associations and their supporters, throughout the department of Haute-Savoie.


We wanted to present you in addition to 2 associations specific to cyclists and asthmatics. Actors unfortunately suffering of air pollution. These associations act for their interests.

7 - Asthme & Allergie


The Asthma & Allergies Association, founded in 1991, is a non-profit organization, whose main objectives are to inform and support people with asthma or allergies, parents of children with asthma, as well as doctors and healthcare professionals.

This association acts around three axes:
- Informing to boost screening and management of asthma and allergies 
- Orienting patients and their family in the care path
- Promoting and facilitating the education of patients to help them control their disease and to live better with it.

8 - Groupe de Recherche et d’Action des Cyclistes Quotidiens (GRACQ)


GRACQ represents bicycle users in the French-speaking parts of Belgium. Its goal ? Defend cyclists and their interests. It is an apolitical non-profit association. But it is also and above all a civic association, made up of 99% volunteers!
The GRACQ volunteers have won several victories for cyclists. We can mention the free transport of bicycles in trams, bike points in Brussels train stations and subways, the development of the RAVeL, bicycle misinterpretations (SUL), the tax exemption of the bike allowance, or even give it up cycling at the traffic lights.


Finally, don't forget to download our SUP'AIRMAN mobile application, , accompanying our redesigned anti-pollution mask. It will allow you to know the quality of the air around you in real time!


Do not hesitate to quote in the comment section the actors you think about ! Let's breathe better together.


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